A Healthy Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an essential community-building process. Inclusion is its realization — where as the adage suggests — “the rubber meets the road.”

Imagine It Was About You — How Would You Feel?

“We are at a defining moment in the industry as more and more companies are holding agencies accountable when it comes to diversity and inclusion — and demanding that we measure up. Diverse voices around the table inspire fresh ideas, new opportunities, and untapped connections that literally make the work and the brands we represent shine with tangible results and impact.”

“That only addresses demographics. However, when there is an inclusion imperative, caregivers have a sense of purpose and belonging. Add to that cultural competence — which is responding appropriately to people of varying backgrounds, in a way that recognizes differences and allows individuals to feel respected and valued — and you have a well-formed ecosystem designed to serve all equally and with respect.”

An ambassador for health communications as the essential bridge connecting healers and those seeking to be healed. Medika Life BeingWell author.

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